WebMetronome makes it easy for you to practice your music. It's got a clear display, accents on any beat, a wide range of tempos and an easy-to-understand interface. You can now get higher-quality version on iPhone or Windows and Mac. The apps are more precise and allow you to use the Metronome without an Internet connection. Brought to you by ssdware. Enjoy!


I noticed the metronome hiccups once in a while. Why is that?! As a web-based metronome it's prone to this problem. The downloadable versions don't have this issue.

On modern computers, the metronome works pretty well. You can optimize it's performance by 1) closing other websites, 2) closing other open applications.


The following individuals and organizations have generously donated to support this site. Thanks again for your support.

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  • Joeseph J. - Cincinnati, OH, USA
  • Dor A. - Berkeley, CA, USA
  • Daniel P. - Islamabad, PAKISTAN
  • Jeffery S. - Walnut Cove, NC, USA
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  • Lorrie O. - Orlando, FL, USA
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  • Brian L. - Aurora, CO, USA
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  • Stefan I. - North York, Ontario, CANADA
  • Carsten L. - Karlsruhe, GERMANY
  • Michael S. - Seattle, WA, USA
  • Melvin B. - Kirksville, MO, USA
  • Patrick H. - Erith, Kent, UK
  • Matthew V. - Portland, OR, USA
  • Nick A. - Athens, Attiki, GREECE
  • Janice M. - Northampton, MA, USA
  • Suzanne W. - Naperville, IL, USA
  • Chaiwat R. - classicalmusictech.com - Houston, TX, USA
  • Yan Chen - Minneapolis, MN, USA
  • Ernie S. - Silver Spring, MD, USA
  • Frank Sarcia - Atomic Drums
  • Seth H. - WI, USA
  • Elyazya A. - UAE
  • Albert F. - Petaluma, CA, USA
  • Todd D. - Shaker Heights, OH, USA


Thanks for your kind words and support. Happy practicing!

Rave Reviews...

Do you have kind words or a story to share? Email me at contact@webmetronome.com.

I tried your free metronome and am so impressed that I purchased the pro version. The battery powered metronome that I own has an annoying loud click and the dial for selecting bpm are stepped from 2 to 8 beats. For example if I want 90 bpm I can select 88 or 92 but nothing in between. Your metronome on the other hand is perfect. I like the sound (not annoying), can be set to any bpm and the large window showing the beat is very useful. I also use the timer for letting me know how long I’ve practiced. Have played guitar for 40 years and recently got a bass which I’m learning to play; thus the need for a good metronome. Thanks for a well thought out metronome. - Paul (Feb '14)

Thank you! This is very helpful, especially the keyboard, which I will suggest to my students for working on their intonation by producing clear reference tones. - Julian (Aug. '13)

This tool is exactly what I needed for my intro to guitar class assignments. I needed a web-based metronome that I could run installation-free on a PC or Mac while using my smartphone for the recording. Thanks a ton for providing this. - Chris (Jun. '13)

I just want to say thank you for this metronome! I'm learning bass, specifically for this song called "The Kids From Yesterday." In the song, not only does it follow the 220 beat, but the metronome also somewhat follows the tune (there's a higher beat, I think it may be cowbell, on every fourth beat.) Thank you! - Elle (Feb. '12)

Really like your metronome, especially for jazz. With the super slow tempo settings, the tempo can be set for just one click per measure, then the beat cycle set at 32, which then delineates a 32 bar song form with a click once per measure. By not watching the display and only listening to the click, this really gets the player honest with not only the time, but maintaining song forms. Also, it's a nice sounding click. - Bill L. (Aug. '11)

I use your metronome app several hours daily. It plays a significant role in my practice regimen and is the best metronome I have ever used. - Aaron S. (Apr '11)

Thank you so much for your web metronome! Whenever I quickly need a metronome and don't have one at the moment, your site is always there for me! Just wanted to say thanks! - Vijay S. (Feb '11)

I love this app. It is simple and useful. I am a student of percussion and I count on this solid and loud metronome to keep me on the beat. - Parker D. (Sept. '10)

I love this app. It is simple and useful. I am a student of percussion and I count on this solid and loud metronome to keep me on the beat. - Parker D. (Sept. '10)

I'm a pro bass player from the UK. I play in the Michael Nyman Band, a band that has no drummer, so I often practise with a metronome. For me, it is important to be able to set the click to below 30bpm, so your metronome is perfect. Many thanks. - Martin E. (Aug. '10)

Your site is really good, you put together a nice set of tools. I am a beginner musician so I need to develop my skills with tempo. And your site helps me a lot! - Robert K. (Mar. '10)

Thank you so much for making this metronome, Iím playing a tune in 7/8 and itís been really hard trying to find some online metronome where you can adjust how many beats in a bar. - William H. (Jan '10)

I use the 'piano' as daily tuning device. I appreciate this immensely for my stringed instruments... The whole site is awesome! - Jamie R. (Jan '10)

I really enjoy your web metronome. I play drums for some local bands. I've always used a click. But I really love the visual numbers. It really helps me stay on time. I can set my laptop in front of my set and never lose sight of my tempo. - Andrew G. (May '09)

Thanks! I LOVE having the little practice timer on the same page. No one else thought of that. - Bryan D. (May '09)

I knew there was a traditional version out there, but was happily surprised to discover your site with all the user-controlled features. Good work! - James W., James' Music Studio (Mar '09)

Thank you for the metronome! You have thought carefully about the features that musicians (and the rest of us who aspire to be musicians) really need. - Ernie S. (Mar '09)

I had been playing guitar for a while but I started to lose inspiration until I discovered your site (looking for the metronome, not the tuner.) But just playing with that tuner for five minutes and creating all kinds of harmonized chords gave me tons of ideas and I just wanted to thank you for that! - Robert B (Feb '09)

I am a visually impaired musician and I would just like to say how your site has helped me greatly. Many electronic metronomes are based on screens and digital displays, touch screens etc that are inaccessible for the blind user, and the same can be said for other online metronomes. I found this metronome easy to use with my screen reading software, and find it a great aid to me in my profession. Don't change a thing! - Brian C (Jan '09)

I just wanted to write you a quick email first to say thanks for providing such a valuable service to your fellow musicians around the world. It's so simple and yet extremely helpful when it's needed! - Danny S

Don't know your name, but I wanted to say thanks a lot for sharing your metronome with everybody. You are a very kind person and you've done something that really helps. - Claudia

I wanted to thank you for creating this tool. It has features that many other on-line metronomes do not (such as the ability to go as low as 30 bpm) and is elegant in its simplicity. We used it to prompt a rhythmic exercise in a patient during blood test for McArdle Disease. During the testing, our patient ñ with an IV in his arm and a blood pressure cuff inflated on the same arm ñ had to squeeze an ergometer every 2 seconds for one minute. Your metronome provided the cueing he needed to successfully complete the task. Just thought youíd like to know about applications other than music that this can be used for. - Lynn B (Mayo Clinic)

This is a tremendous idea, it saved me from wasting an entire afternoon of recording time! - David L

I randomly found your metronome & tuned piano, I didn't know such a thing existed. It's simple, but very interesting, + very useful. Thanks a lot! - Yvan C

I've been using a different web metronome for a while, then I found yours. I will be using this one from now on. This has every feature I could possibly want. I especially like the practice timer, and visual cues. Keep doing what your doing! Thanks! - Jeremy T

I want to say thank you for taking the time not only to make this site, code the flash and pay for the hosting, but to help musicians (like myself) work on their timing. I know you probably have better stuff to do than sit around and build this from the ground up, but I want you to know that it is really appreciated. - Jonah Z

Great metronome! Very helpful and available anywhere I can get online. I like the ability to accentuate a beat on the metronome and that it turns bright red. - Steve G

I am a piano player who has been learning how to tune the piano. As such I needed a metronome that I could use to learn to recognise beats at 105, 120, and 136 beats per minute. I have several electronic as well as mechanical metronomes, but 105 and 136 are evidently not standard speeds. I went nuts looking on line for a simple metronome application that would work and yours was the first I could find. Thank you. - Arthur W

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